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03-22-2010, 11:39 PM
I can understand offering a game for free play, and offering items for R/L money that adds to your gamming experience (unique clothing, minor buffs, ect). Face Book has alot of games like that.

I can understand a gamming companies need to try and get some income for the game they created, and continue to maintain. Were is the incentive to create an awsome gamming experience that could take 5 years to develop, just to give it away free to everyone. Advertisers are only going to go so far to keep the company from going bankrupt. I don't mind supporting a great game that is keeping me entertained for a few months. I spend $20+ just to buy a DvD or go see a movie in a theater, and that only lasts a couple of hours.

Now were the problem starts is the need to purchase the original copy of the game $50+. Then paying a monthly subscription rate. On top of that any advertising space that the company may have snuck in, one way or another. Then they decide that they will offer (for a small fee) items that can't be aquired anywere else through normal game play, and give the player an advantage over other players.

I see a trend in on-line gamming that is just getting worse. Greed/profits have risen, and quality has fallen off sharply.