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03-23-2010, 12:02 AM
Interesting interview. Interesting insight.

Though one feature I'd love to see placed in the game.. Or should I say peeled away, might be the amount of loading screens that the game has. There are no loading screens in space.

There have been death penalities in games if you think about Arcade games, or games with Limited Lives, or even the Diablo franchize, where if you died you lost some gold. It's not really a Fun aspect of a game, but it does make you more cautious and think harder when you play your character. I just hope that it isn't something implimented EVERYWHERE..Some things are difficult enough with out a Death Penality. And some places, like PVP, honestly don't need a Penality.

So wait.. Let me get this straight.. Jack has had to ask in Global, sounding like a total "n00b" in his own game how powers, how to complete some missions, or items work? Yeah... I agree with what some one else said.. if there's some spit and polish needed in descriptions for items, or mission objectives, then please, clear things up. With out making them even more complicated of course.

Shame to hear that there isn't going to be anything for a console. Thought I heard originally they wanted to put Champions Online to something like the X-Box 360.. And I think Star Trek Online could do well on either PS3 or X-Box 360. But that's my opinion of course.

Looking foward to hearing more about Season 2 Content release. I'd also love it if there were more Voice overs, and voice acting for some things in Star Trek Online. It would be especially cool if some of the Mission Dialogs for some of the bigger mission events had something. I like that there was something done for the Infected, or a couple of lower level missions that you were able to get Nemoy to voice, but I still feel sad that a well known harrassing entinty (sp?) like the Q didn't get a voice over, even if you couldn't exactly get John Delancy to do it himself. Or maybe an interaction at the end of the mission where you do successfully rescue a young Sisko, would have been cook to get a voice over for him in that one of some kind. Or a little Dramatic Scene with Sisko running to the escape pod right as you secure the room.

But anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, and look foward to more insight either from you or other developers of the game as a whole. Hopefully sharing more detailed information on areas that will be coming out, or fixes that are slated to be released soon after Season 1 is released.