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03-23-2010, 01:57 AM
Well, first off Jack. It's nice to hear something truthful sounding and direct come from you people....finally...

I refuse to touch this game ever again. To little to late.

Sorry you are disappointed in the reaction of the reviewers and the mmo community as a whole, but dude. Really? If you do 1/2poor quality work and your behavior openly portrays greed, self interest, and lack of concern for your player-base. Well dude, what exactly are you expecting? A big hug and a pat on the back?

Since city of heroes you have used the same formula in every game subsequently. It's not working. Now that no major studio will most likely ever hand you another major IP ever again we will call it lesson learned.

Thanks for being honest. But as before. To little to late. You should have wrote the game for trekkies and star trek fans. Not mmo fans. But that's what greed gets you.

Oh and yes. MMO's are truly finished in the concept that the mechanics that drive the game, classes, and gameplay are solid, working, and functional, enjoyable, intuitive, and overall fun. 1 out of 7 in any world FAILS.