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03-23-2010, 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by STObee
The Klingon faction needs a voice that Cryptic will listen to.

Will some of the more enterprising fleet leaders please get together as a group and contact Cryptic to represent Klingon faction concerns? Cryptic may not understand, but they sent a clear message with the 45-day update that Klingon players are 3rd rate customers. Someone with standing needs to explain to Cryptic that they are nerfing a nearly dead dog, that giving the Feds 3 new plyable species and off-duty clothing while handing bread crumbs to the "other faction" is causing the death spiral to accelerate.

The Klingon faction needs immediate CPR or it is going to die. They need to install consentual all-tier open PVP. They need to give their "art department" the mission to provide Klingons character/ship customization with a minimum of HALF the options Feds have. They need to put away the nerf bat as it applies to things Klingon until the Klingon population stabilizes and the faction is healthy.

Perhaps they can't see the need thru all the chatter, the fanboi posts and flames. But they should have a clear view of the numbrs, which can't be all that great.

Call yourselves the High Council if you like, but other than some assembly of fleet leaders who else can speak for the Klingon faction as a whole with any authority?
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