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03-23-2010, 03:58 AM

k i say it again:

the things that are buyable in C-Store CAN NOT BE GAINED BY GAMING. and respec will cost 20k ingame merits, thats unreachable, i got 20k merits when saving ALL merits get till RA5 ! so I AM INDEED FORCED TO BUY c-points to respecc.

thats what i wanted to say. if it were only pets, would be okay. but the game was designed like a half ( to less char slots, to less ship variants (esp. klingons), no respecc), and now they are selling the other half via C-Store! (more char slots, to be exact: one, more ships, more playable races)

and cryptic said, everything that will be in C-Store will be available through gaming.

now: can i get a fed kli playable char by gaming? NO. can i get those new ships by gaming? NO. can i reach respecc through gaming? NO(t really) .( yes but 20k!!! merits, tzhat needs 2 month of work to get a respecc?!)

and as i described: the things you buy in wow are a completely other part. these are payments for real work that must be done to the servers in order to name you char and so on.

did you actually read what i wrote? i really described the differences in detail to make clear what i dislike in c-store and what is acceptable for me.