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03-23-2010, 06:06 AM
Originally Posted by Capt.PFDennis
I don't mind the idea of teaming up in missions, but why is it a requirement for "Infected"? I finally got in it last night with a thrown together team of 5 people. None of us knew the other at all. We did our best to work together without having made the slightest plan. We got no further than Starbase 82, when the controller I was using, finally died. While I was trying to get back in as quickly as possible, I accidently logged out and could not rejoin my team. While fighting Borg, I didn't have a free second to chat about it, so they must have thought I bugged out on them. I can get back in, now, but without any help. My away team can't join me, so I'm going to have to find another team and start over. Granted, I wasn't that far into it, but why can't teaming just be an option? I work well with my BO's. They behave just as I expect them to and they don't get aggravated when I screw up. It would be nice to have the choice. I'm rather new to the whole gaming thing and maybe I'd like to be more confident before I play well with others.

Anyway, it's just a suggestion. BTW, anyone want to set a date for "Infected" in the near future? I've got nothing else to do, as it's the only mission I haven't done. Lol.

Cryptic releases ONE mission so far that REQUIRES a full team to do it. ONE. MISSION.

You know, the good old saying from WoW applies here as well: if you don't want to do what is needed to be done then just don't bother at all.
Besides, the way that Infected works especially at the end, even if you WOULD get that far with BOs, you wouldn't be able to finish it due to several occasions on which you have to operate 3 consoles almost simutanously in order to proceed, plus the "jumping" part would probably not work well with the average BO ai.