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03-23-2010, 06:34 AM
the Klingon pve missions don't have loot rewards, only xp (not counting cash, honor, &c.) they're also exactly the same thing over and over (destroy n squadrons of enemy ships 3 times for 75 badges of exploration) except that n gets higher as you level, and the enemy changes from feds to romulans to cardassians to borg.

yes, they are very boring, especially when you're forced to do them because the pvp vendor is broken in that particular tier and badges of exploration are the only way to get certain pieces of gear. but on the plus side, they're always available even if you're the only klingon logged on in your entire tier (pvp queues require a minimum of 5 players on each side).

the next patch will add more pve missions, but they're just a bunch of federation 'grind' missions now made available to klingons as well. they won't be anything new if you've seen them on the fed side already.

one last note: as soon as you enter T3, take a look at the T4 vendors and decide what gear you're going to want. some of the T4 gear needs T3 badges or medals, so tally up how many T3 badges and/or medals you will need in T4 and grind those out (and put them aside) early. you don't want to wait until you're almost T4 because you might level out of T3 before you've finished and come up short (and currently, once you hit T4 there is no way to get T3 badges or medals). this has been broken since beta, and Cryptic has not indicated that they plan to fix it anytime soon although it's been reported multiple times.