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03-23-2010, 08:43 AM
You know I don't think they get what it'll take to fix Klingons :

Ten Ton Hammer: We have a one word question that should encompass a lot of what players are anxious to hear about, and that is: Klingons?

Craig: Oh yes, Klingons! So we have this clear vision for Klingons and this clear plan for Klingons that is drastically different than Federation gameplay, very PvP oriented and a very different path for advancement, and we have heard the community and they will be getting some love in the next couple of updates. Update One has Klingon star clusters in it, we have transferred a lot of the fleet actions over so that they have that PvE content as well. They are getting customizable ships now, so that when you get your Bird of Prey you can swap out pieces just like the Federation.

Itís one of the things that the community is very vocal about and definitely wants and that really is our philosophy, what the community wants then thatís where we are going to put our development money into. Making sure that they get unique PvE episodes down the road, those are definitely things that we are doing.

Yeah , customization is a huge factor for Klingons. To top it all off , klingons are basically only worthy of cut an paste content .
I don't know has any ever seen a poll or questionaire that asks do you have a Klingon character ? What level ? What name(s) ? What do you thing Klingons need ?
Can't say I ever run across this . What players want , what a piece of generic garbage.
Then they throw this out

Ten Ton Hammer: Are there any changes coming for PvP?

Craig: In the first update we are adding Fed vs. Fed because there is so much PvP going on in the game.

Bill: I think the good thing with introducing Fed vs. Fed PvP is that it will make it easier to get into a PvP match, there will be a larger pool of players and you wonít have to wait as long for the Klingon player.

Craig: We just have to make sure that as the Klingon population increases that we donít harm that aspect of PvP with the Fed vs. Fed, we donít want to kill that off. So that the Fed vs. Klingon is the thing that everybody wants, but the Fed vs. Fed is the stepping stone in between.

Yeah , mainly because when you max out there isn't anything else much to do. So they'll have FvF , what for no or minimal points/rewards , because that's about the only way that'll work . The Feds will scream bloody murder .

PS : When you cancel you account they do have a survey at the end questioning why you quit . Make sure it's long and detailed . Once you quit you will not be able to post on the forums any longer .