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03-23-2010, 09:41 AM
Once you hit Lt. 6, log out and you have the option to create a Klingon character. Don't faint at the overwhelming customization options though.

The medals are "currency". On Fed side, you have vendors that sell you things like kits, weapons and all for energy credits. On higher levels, you can also buy special items (green = uncommon, blue = rare, like the ones you saw as mission rewards), and you pay them with the "other currency", like medals. You only earn badges and medals in certain missions (some in PvP, some in exploration and so on). So you need to do x missions to gain x medals/badges, and for these, you buy the uncommon/rare gear.

On KDF side, you will not get these items offered as rewards from NPCs, like Feds do. You buy everything from vendors (or, if you are lucky, have energy credits and find what you need, from Exchange).