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03-23-2010, 02:32 PM
Nope, it is not honorable but I see feds ganking klings when the borg hunt resets ALL THE TIME so don't really care if its honorable or not. Is 10 feds v 1 kling honorable? I usually have to run for it after the map respawns or get ganked. Those who can't battle cloak get jacked up and the feds usually move on. I usually kill feds stupid enough to try and spawn camp. Then I go and kill feds trying to do the objective. When they learn they have to travel in a group to survive; I usually head to their spawn point and kill them as they respawn; running when I get overwhelmed.

I like finding a group of feds doing the objective and sit about 20k out and uncloak and just sit there; hoping that there is one fed dumb enough to come after me. Most of the time the fed gets a free ticket back to their spawn point. If I'm with my fleet we usually kill feds at respawn then head to their respawn and camp them. Funny how many feds it takes to kill 3 klings.

Feds want klings to be honorable but they themselves dont act in an honorable way. I see it this way; 1 fed by himself might have honor but when more feds come; it goes out the window and a hive mentality kicks in.
If one starts shooting they all start shooting. I let some feds live if i uncloak behind them and they dont shoot but this usually backfires as if another fed comes they'll engage.