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03-23-2010, 02:46 PM
I picked the BoP and plan to stay with it through all 5 tiers. That said, there arent a whole lot of options for a BoP pilot other than cloak/hit/run. For the most part, BoP drivers going in toe to toe with no surprise and uncloaked are at a disadvantage. My BoP doesnt hit particularly hard, so I need the element of surprise. The cloak more than makes up for less hull/less consoles/etc. I do Borg Hunt like a **** constantly. It's my thing and I like gankin feds (of which Ive leveled 2 to RA5). I hate straight up PVP, but like the Borg Hunt dynamic. Nothing makes me happier than getting private messages from the guys you've killed, calling you a dirty *****. I really am a mediocre pvper, but the BoP makes it fun..if for nothing else than to bask in the nerd rage when you uncloak and gank them when they're trying to scan or cap a node.

That said, I'd like to see random borg/NPCs in Hostile engagements capture/holds. Would add a new element to it. Once other races are introduced (my vote=Romulan), 3 way capture holds would be great!