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03-23-2010, 04:44 PM
i did missions until i hit LC, then i bumped into a pvp sector and just did a few matches. having seen both ways to level, pvp is by far the fastest way to level.

you get 2k credits for a win or loss, 70-130 skill points, badges for gear (which you can choose, and not rely on random drops) and officer merits. All that for 5-15mins of play time. I say 5 mins, caues i've loaded into a few 'close to finished' matches where i could barely get into combat before the game was over.

after avg'ing 1-2 levels a night over a couple hours, i was now doing 1-2 levels an hour.

this is all based on what i've personally seen, but it may vary for others.

- Aegis