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I have found that the Federation can access the entire Romulan Empire( 10 sectors and systems ) and 1/2 a sector in the Klingon empire. Giving the Federation 19.5 sectors to roam about willy nilly as they feel like. Unfortunately the Klingon Empire is still stuck in 6 sectors and can not access into the federation sectors or even the Romulan Empire's 10 sectors.
To a Klingon that is and true to the fact of totally unfair as far as being able to access other sectors like the Federation. According to the Cryptic theme of this game that federation and Klingon's are at war with one another because of the war the klingon's started with Gorn and the Romulan's. If we were to follow this theme that Cryptic has based the game on. Then wouldn't it make since that the Klingon's would cross over into federation sectors and be present in the Romulan Empire's sectors too? Considering that the Klingon's and Romulan's are at war with one another still.
Or is the theme of the game been conviluted and missed labeled and miss titled? Seems to me that the title of the game should have been called Federation Online. Then you can play federation only and fight NPC's for the other faction's.
Based on the theme of the game the two main factions are Federation and Klingon's as they are at war with one another again as usual. But seems that the developers are still nerfing the one faction over the other. Mainly they are nerfing the Klingon's to the point where Federation seem to have super shields and super weapons. Being a Klingon and trying to fight a Federation is like shooting spit balls at them as they throw bricks back at the Klingon's. Nerfing is annoying and makes players that play the faction that is being nerfed just want to cancel their subscription and not play the game and gives them a negative attitude to be told to others not to buy the game. To me that is bad reputation for a software company that is trying to put out a good game. If Cryptic wants bad reputation and wants to lose profit and subscriptions then keep nerfing the Klingon content. Thus causing the Star Trek genre to suffer in popularity more like the other developers have done in the past.