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03-23-2010, 04:11 PM
Krieger, I'm not trying to fight with you, yes I quoted your in reality, spray ammo. and was commenting again about your comment of a lack of counter-measures.

In reality your not always using the same equipment. A knife and a sniper rifle are both perfectly capable of killing a person, yet only one is when employed at 500 meters.

In world war two the Japanese never came up with, or employed any kind of efective anti-submarine counter measures. End result is 314 US submarines sunk 1,560 japanese ships loosing only 52 in return. While in the atlantic 783 german U-boats were lost and by 1943 the US, and Britan learned how to counter the threat. In March '43 750,000 tons of allied shipping was lost, but by July that number dropped to 188,000 tons and 130 U-boats were sunk.

So everyone had Submarines, while only some learned to howto counter-measure them.

Everyone has Aircraft? and bombers have been around since WW1 so..what other nation has the B-52? the B-2? like how you say everyone would have a cloak...