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Originally Posted by count23 View Post
No. They fire pulses because pulses are more effective when you're trying to cut through borg shields. Each pulse can be on a different frequency so that the borg can't adapt to it (theoretically). A beam you have to stop and refire to retune the weapon frequency for, but each pulse can have it's own.

The Defiant Class starship was the first Federation starship to exclusively use Pulse phasers. Being that most starships have a "frontal" attack strategy, it is reasonable to assume that the pulse phasers would be the primary phaser attack. For side, aft, dorsal, and ventral attacks, the regular beam phasers would be used.

The pulse phasers were designed just as Count said, but not just for Borg shields. The pulse phasers were designed to mimic the disrupter weapons used by the Klingons. Both sets of weapons are what could be called "shield breakers".

Shields, when hit, are designed to pull power from other shield 'sectors' to focus in on the point of impact. Kind of like using reinforcments to help shore up where the enemy is attacking your line. Theoratically, (in the show, mind you, not the game) you could hit the same spot, over and over again and drain every other shield facing, except the one you were hitting until it just finally lost power.

Pulse phasers, like disrupters, are designed to hit the shield with maximum force and severity. Each pulse will hit the shield and then dissipate, before the shield can reinforce itself. The next pulse arrives a half a second later and does the same thing. In this way, the hope is to break through the shield, before it can reinforce itself. Follow it up with the double quantum torpedoes and you could cause severe damage to a ship in a very short amount of time.

Now that I've just proved I've read way too many technical manuals about a fictional show, I'm going to go eat lunch.