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03-23-2010, 05:33 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Do you view waiting in cloak, watching a Federation player conduct PvE, and attacking him when his shields are down, dishonorable or honorable?

If you do view it dishonorable, why?

And if you disapprove of such an action, and saw a Klingon player doing it, would you black list him?
I have an objective to complete. The Borg are an obstacle, Starfleet is an obstacle. And since Starfleet ships are better suited to fighting Borg compared to a lone Bird of Prey, I'll let Starfleet clear the Borg, then I'll clear Starfleet. It's a valid tactic when scanning nodes, which we'll be unable to scan while cloaked after the update.

I think too many people are getting their ideas of "honor" and "Klingon Honor" mixed up.