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There is nothing wrong with putting REAL Star Trek material in the game for REAL Star trek fans.

Unless of course that scares fans of The Next degeneration and other pitiful spinoffs whom don't realize it's all fiction and this is just a game which should contain material that gives EVERYONE the option to enjoy.

Starfleet IS after all the military, I'm glad NBC forced Rottenberry to get it right, hated it when his diseased butt wormed his way back in after whining about The Wrath of Khan, threw a party when he died, still waiting for Pillar and Burman to croak so I can throw those parties - can't wait for Abrams to GET IT for trying to turn real Star Trek into "Melrose SPACE" and hoping Nancy Pelosi roasts in a level of hell yet to be invented.

Other than that? Things are just peachy. Thanx for asking.

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless and forgive you, vanquish the tree huggers, replace the sci fi channel with the real thing and take pitty on you for thinking ALL THIS was put here just for you.

Good night, God Bless - and, as always, drive safely.

Have a nice day. ;-D

# 1 – Loving the magnitude a’la the REAL Batllestar Galacatica (Lorne Green of course) that you give your bridges! You should do one based on the TV series matching both its colors and layout.

# 2 – Likewise we need a huge “spotlit” bridge matching the lines, designs, consoles, chairs, displays etc. of Andrew Probert’s and Mike Minor’s Wrath of Khan Bridge.

# 3 – If you’re going to any trouble to make the “Hideous Duckling” (the dash D) accurate, then you need to step back and make the Constitution Class accurate (TV), the Avenger Class (Reliant) accurate and the Constitution realized to perfection in its film refit accurate.

# 4 - Primary hulls have two rows of windows. The Refit Constitution’s deflector dish should glow just as brightly as the Tier 4 and 5 ships. It’s not a rectangle, etc., etc., etc.!

# 5 - And give us the option for standard Wrath of Khan hull colors, patterns and self illuminated pylons, nacelle and hull labels- all as seen on the ships in the film.

# 6 - And I’ve yet to see that wonderful Wrath of Khan Starship Starfleet Pennant where it belongs on any starship.

# 7 – Go back, look at the millions of identical blueprints for these ships and get it right - and to scale. Stop trying to diss REAL Star trek by making the finest ships ever shown look like pip squeaks.

# 8 – Let the Grissom type ship from Search for Spock be an Ensign’s Tier 1 ship – that thing was pathetic. You could use the Excelsior (what was actually meant as the one shot joke The Spruce Goose of Star Trek) for target practice. Whatever.

# 9 – The perfect Tier 6 ship (when you get there) would be the Dreadnaught we never got to see in the films. It’s a three engine, Warp 18, 215% larger than Constitution Class breath-taker. It has all the Andy Probert lines and could easily be scaled up to larger than a Tier 4 ship. You can find it in books,blueprints and publications of the period, or possibly online.