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Originally Posted by CorethL
Now, now...this is a serious question, and should be answered seriously.

The first thing your Jedi needs to do is to figure out his quantum signature. Clearly, he is not in the same quantum reality as the action in Star Trek, so he'll need to be able to not only identify his quantum signature, but also build a method to change his quantum signature to cross the boundaries to the Trek reality.

One of the basic problems that your Jedi will run into is the fact that there aren't that many technically skilled people in SWG who can build a device to identify his quantum signature; a disaster about four and a half years ago did a hell of a job on the Jedi's reality-I understand that the population of various worlds were completely decimated. The biggest issue, though, is that no schematic is known to exist for the crafters there to create something to analyze his quantum signature. Still, this may not be impossible-I'm not up to date on things over there.

The next step is to create a device to cross those quantum boundaries. The easiest method would be to use a transporter (not to be confused with the instant-travel vehicles, which are not the same thing, even though they have similar effects). The Mirror Universe, for example, has developed a multidimensional transporter which allows transit between their universe and the Trek universe. Something similar could make the trip for the Jedi much easier. Other prospects tend to rely on spatial phenomenon, such as wormholes or rifts in space; however, these tend to be unpredictable, and could result in your Jedi being lost in an entirely different dimension-perhaps one populated with elf- and dwarf- like creatures. This is probably something the Jedi would want to avoid.

Naturally, a multidimensional transporter is another device requiring a crafter, and of course there are no known schematics for one. But, if the Jedi's already gotten this far, he's already pulled off one impossible task-what's one more?

Finally, your Jedi will have the transporter built, and you're ready to roll! Step inside, and activate it. If it goes right, the Jedi will appear on a ship above the Vega Colony-although it's uncertain if the special equipment he carries will be of use; the laws of physics in SWG are a tad different than that he'd find in Star Trek; worse yet, midicholorians are not known to be in this part of the galaxy, so the ability to access any mysterious "Force" is unlikely to cooperate.

If he's NOT lucky, his molecules will likely be spread across various quantum realities, lost forever. Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

Edit: Oh, one more thing-the transporter should also include a method of traversing intergalactic distances and time itself; after all, it's one thing to hop realities-the Jedi is still stuck a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away!

Or, of course, you could just create a new character, trying to get as close in appearance to your SWG character as you can.
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