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# 1 Infected aka Borg Zerg Rush
03-24-2010, 01:25 PM
So I have been playing with this raidisode with a few different parties seems like the entire instance is really just a Borg Zerg Rush, four people distract/kite Borg while person goes in blows up a node and then everyone moves forward to the next Zerg Rush.

The first room, this was interesting. The second room, this was ok, the third room I was bored, and by the forth room I was yawning, and by the fifth and on I just wanted to get this place done with.

I wish there had been some better planning in here...the idea for a Borg Zerg rush is fine, but you can't build an entire instance out of this and expect people to not be bored...

I'd recommend mixing it up so that maybe the first room has a node and zerg rush, the next room then has an elite borg who "beams/summons" in more until you kill him, then maybe you just have a room with a lot of borg and a few turrets that do a lot of aoe damage so you have to use a strategy like drawing the borg out, killing them, then destroying the turrets one at a time...then make the last room a combination of these instead of just a room with a bunch of nodes.