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Technically the color of any of the wepons would be "Tuneable" since the radiated color that is visible would be waste energy and not related to the weapon. At least when you consider the fictional logic on how these things work, lasers on the other hand would be various colors depending on the frequency of the emission red for low power bluer for higher power and would still be due to wasted "lost" energy from the beams.

Phaser and Disruptor colors are by cannon due to impurities in the crystals used to collimate the beams, the color of the field surrounding the matter/anti-matter in photon torpedos is a function of wasted radiated energy, Plasma Torps would be the only consistantly colored weapon based on cannon information I have read over the last 3 or 4 decades.
According to the TNG Technical Manual, the Photon Torpedo is your typical guided missile-style weapon just like we've ssen them in Star Trek 2, 6 etc.
The glowing effect around the torpedo that appears after launch is some kind of casing that if put around the actual torpedo.
My guess is that they are kept there with some kind of forcefield and that the entire idea is to protect the torpedo from interstellar gases etc.
However the science in this is somewhat bumpy, especially when we consider that the torpedo has its own navigational deflector.
So technically it does not really matter what colour the glow has since it's the actual warhead that counts.
Just like with the beams it's dependant in what tech is used to produce that beam.
In the old SFB materials it is even stated that a "phaser" is some kind of directed energy weapon with capabilities comparable to its Starfleet counterpart.
In case of the alien Andromedans it is even the case that their Phaser 1 and Phaser 2 work on entire different physical principles.

As for the Plasma Torpedoes thers is an interesting aspect that is usually overlooked.
In the Original Series the big red ball fired from the Romulan ship is generated by the ship itself.
It is a large amount of plasma encased in a forcefield.
Just like it is represented in Star Fleet Battels and Starfleet Command.
During the Next Generation era, the familiar green glowing Plasma torpedoes are actually solid-cased torpedoes, just like Photons (they were actually abbreviated this way in TNG sometimes, like in Q-Who)
In DS9 Season 7 episode 1 "Image in the Sand" Odo tells Kira that the Romulans are stockpiling Plasma Torpedoes in the Hospital on the Bajoran moon.
I mean how can you stockpile balls of plasma in forcefields?