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03-25-2010, 03:02 AM
Originally Posted by petie86 View Post
I think the pvp queues might get a bit longer for the first few days, then they'll come back after they realise its not the Klingons are OP, but rather they lack skill.

I was playing FVF yesterday on tribble with the dev's and some of the feds startred whining about how cruisers are hard to kill, science ships and there skills.

All i can say is they will probably still queue up after realising Klingon ships are a lot more squishy than there Federation counterparts.
not a day or so, perhaps a month...but will cryptic compensate the lack of levelling ability for the klingon players, they are the ones thats going to suffer greatly at this since there is precious few other alternatives to levelling with pvp.

KvK...ain't going to happen unless they amp up the sp rewards for the matches to match how long it would take since you know it as well as I that it would be a cloaking game...

I for one look forward to meeting FvF and kicking some butt...but its the players I care about, be it Klingon or Federation. We have to measure out equally the blessings and curses among the players and not favor one faction over the other.