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03-25-2010, 04:16 AM
You know whats laughable at best? This is a part of an interview...check it out what it says...

Ten Ton Hammer: Are there any changes coming for PvP?

Craig: In the first update we are adding Fed vs. Fed because there is so much PvP going on in the game.

Bill: I think the good thing with introducing Fed vs. Fed PvP is that it will make it easier to get into a PvP match, there will be a larger pool of players and you wonít have to wait as long for the Klingon player.

Craig: We just have to make sure that as the Klingon population increases that we donít harm that aspect of PvP with the Fed vs. Fed, we donít want to kill that off. So that the Fed vs. Klingon is the thing that everybody wants, but the Fed vs. Fed is the stepping stone in between.

Bill: easier for who? Federation yes, with Klingons its going to be a constant waiting time for Federation. Have you checked the NON Admiral sections of the PvP, its almost always twice as many Klingons in the que as Federation. Remove the federation and play them against eachother, exaly how many will that leave for the Klingons...? Yes your right...0

Craigh: Sweet, then explain exacly how your NOT going to hurt the Klingon with doing this, or are you actually that naive that you think it will not greatly affect the amount of arenas being able to be played per hour for the PvPing Klingon...?

You are KILLING the Klingon Nation by doing this and by the time you notice that "Ooops, Klingons are not getting PvP and we based 95% of their levelling on PvP..." we will have another drop of population in Klingon.

When we erach down and its only 50 players left that player Klingon or less, then what are you going to do? no matter content you drop on a dead faction its still going to be exacly that.... dead.