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03-25-2010, 03:30 AM
Ill chime in here, it feels the most right without me opening a new thread.

Hes right, the ground combat part is way too long/boring.

STO is unique because it has space and ground combat. Use that, i mean really use both. Ground combat is done pretty much everywhere else, and far better often too, but then other games have years into that.

Give the next raid a better space part. Or more.

Reduce the grind for the ground combat part, a good PUG can pull one group at a time and it not wipe once. Good. Difficulty level is correct.

But its too much of the same. I love the way some drones bring in protos in death, enhance that.
NO dont bring in even more on death stuff with the current groups, but do a room, with eg a tactical elite, which on death releases 10 protos.

Yeah i can keep going on this. But then ill have a circle with a single topic.

Basically the trash has a good difficulty level, but theres too muh of it.

Play some other well known MMO. No this is not a joke, its what a raid should be like. Trash there is like a miniboss, tactical elites with a small group and interlink node feel just fine like that. But they have alot less trash, about 2 rooms, then its the first boss. Then 1 room and boss, then 1 room and boss. And immediately another boss. Basically its an example of what i was trying to say before. Less trash more boss encounters.