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03-25-2010, 04:51 AM
Originally Posted by petie86 View Post
I think the pvp queues might get a bit longer for the first few days, then they'll come back after they realise its not the Klingons are OP, but rather they lack skill.

Those that are really bad will just assume when they play vs each other that they are great players and we are in fact OP because on a lvl playing field they do ok. However, once they meet a really good fed premade and get destroyed they will probably assume those players cheat and report them rather than accept they are not so good.

Hell i got some really bad hate from a fed yesterday in t5 on my tac because i blew him away while i was cloaked, just couldn't bring myself to tell him about jam sensors. what can you do, perhaps cryptic should use that nice station the feds have and hold a seminar on how to play in the holodeck