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03-25-2010, 04:54 AM
Fact is that FvF can't do anything BUT hurt the klingon faction. On the other hand it was not unusual to see over 100 feds in queue for a PvP map. They had to do something to even that out.(This is at RA level)
The bounceback in this is that there is going to be yet another fall in Klingon numbers and new alts are going to be a slow process. The exploration clusters are the only viable leveling option at some tiers and despite what the DEVS seem to believe that is nowhere near as fun as fighting against real ppl.
As the Poor Cousin faction we got nailed yet again. But when we can't even show the kit we are wearing or vary our uniforms, have a proper science ship, have any real variation in ship design, have no PvE to speak of, etc, etc, etc I think we are just too far gone to fix in the 45days they have had since launch. Perghaps season 2 will help but to be honest I think we are looking at a year at least till the Klingons are a viable, even faction in all respects. Thos of us who have fallen in love with our avatars and the klingon faction will hang around for a while, so all is not lost yet.
In short if you want a challenge, difficult leveling, restricted options, unloved faction... I.E. you like to back the underdog, then the klingons are here and we will not go away.

Play yr FvF but if you ever dare enter our Queues you will lose. Man up feds and come and have a go