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i have often heard that cryptic is translating english names to german names ingame. So "Deepspace 9" is not "Deepspace 9" but "Tiefenraum 9".

This post is bout complaining about why you should consider to NOT to translate names, pls.

I m a big fan of Star Trek ever since i saw Kirk and Spok on tv. Never have the names beeing changed during translation from english to german.

I beg you, dont make the same mistake some other big corporation did and translate names from NPCs and Stations/Cities to german. Many ppl in germany actually do know "Deepspace 9" as it is a name and was never translated. And every night when i have time to play the game i hear the yelling bout the "wrong" names in the german version.

I for myself play everything on english.

I.E. you dont call Rom (italian city) any other name because you are living in the USA or Germany or Sweeden or else. Rom still is Rom. New York still is New York and not "Neues York" for a germans. Florida Beach still is Florida Beach and not "Florida Strand" for the germans.