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03-25-2010, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by Kheldor9
Cannons and EPS took a horrible nerf in the upcoming patch. Klingons are screwed in general along with escorts. Peace is breaking out all over the quadrant because there will be no more Klingons. That is all.
I understand that you're upset with the changes, but this kind of chicken little mentality needs to stop. From more than just you, nothing personal.

Tactical Birds of Prey are pretty interesting on Tribble with the new skills, changes to cannons, and changes to power levels.

I personally run 3 Dual Heavy Cannons with 2 Mk X EPS Regulators and a Mk X Plasma Manifold (+6 Weapon Power). With just Rapid Fire II, I can drop a Fleet Escort in a single pass if he doesn't react fast enough. Even faster if I stack Attack Pattern Alpha and Omega. And my Weapon Power never dropped below 75 (I run ~123/100). It's fine.

Even my Fleet Escort, which uses 2 EPS consoles, can handle using 2 Dual Heavy Cannons and a Dual Beam Bank with the use of Beam Overload, no problem. My Assault Cruiser, again 2 EPS, spams Beam Overload and handles it just fine.

If anything, the Bird of Prey turns too fast when using Attack patterns, but you can quickly whip around to finish that cruiser off between RSPs.

I can't speak for Science and Engineering Birds, but they can use Omega III with their other abilities.

Ignore everyone that's over reacting to the changes.