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03-25-2010, 07:03 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
A photon torpedo (I thought) is constructed of the elementary element of light. If so it can be any color based off of its vibratory frequency.
Yes and no, the Photon torpedo itself is just that, a torpedo.
The glowing itslf is added dirung the launch.

It can be seen here:

4 minutes, 28 seconds into the scene "Bones, where's my torpedo?"
You can see Spock and Bones working on the actual torpedoe's guidance,
it only starts to glow as it leaves the tube.
And I totally agree it does not really matter what colour it has.
Besides, it changes arbitrarily between show and episodes sometimes.
For example the Cardassians had purple beams and torpedoes in their first
appearances and changed later on DS9 and the 7th season of TNG to yellow.
And I can tell you purple beams on Cardassian ships don't look really great.