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03-25-2010, 09:37 AM
General Updates
  • New Starfleet Bridge Officer Rewards can be randomly obtained: Tellarite, Rigelian, and Pakled.
  • Tellarite officers are now offered at the personnel store.
  • Players now have a chance to acquire Bridge Officers from the Pakled, Tellarite, and Rigelian races.
  • Klingon players are now able to access their own star clusters.
  • Bridge officers no longer attack invited players of hostile factions while aboard the bridge.
  • Fixed a bug where items could get duplicated when logging in
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when customizing your character
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when viewing your remote contact list
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when moving items to guild banks
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some audio notifications from playing
  • Fixed an issue with shader caching which resulted in crashes.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could make themselves invulnerable while organizing their away team selections
  • /killme will now appropriately submit a ticket
  • Fixed some cases where the Bridge Officer AI would restart their movement and thus be slower than desired
  • Improved the away team's ability to navigate over and around difficult terrain.
  • Added stores to Battle Group Omega (for both Fed and Klingon) where players can trade in Marks of Valor for equipment
  • Players will automatically holster weapons when beaming down to non-PvP ground maps.
  • Bridge Officers holster/unholster weapons based on the Captain's lead.
  • Players can now bind a key to set rally points for bridge officers. This is available in the "Key Binds" tab in the options menu
  • The ground tray power list and mode select buttons now remain clickable when opening the tray mode selector
  • Fix an issue where clicking the tray mode box in space would deselect your target if "click unselects target is on"
  • Removed access to the /movetointerior command. Players should use the minimap button to go to your bridge.
  • Added 3 letter suffix to the Display name of the different Tribble subspecies for better sorting in the inventory and exchange
  • Fixed a bug in the Tribble breeding that caused the Velasquez and Daxter Tribble to not breed correctly.
  • Commodities can now be purchased in bulk
  • Fix a bug that allowed players to use the replicator on ground by dragging an item to the "Replicator" button.
  • Fixed a bug that made it so players couldn't jump while sprinting.
  • Bat'leths are now available in the Mark of Valor stores in Battlegroup Omega
  • Corrected a problem where video cards only capable of shader model 2.0 were not displaying scrolling textures.

PvP Updates
  • A new PvP ground assault map is available for all factions: Shanty Town.
  • Fed vs. Fed PvP (Wargames) has been opened up for many maps and game types.
  • New “Random Map” queues for PvP. Select queues by game type rather than individual maps.
  • Assimilation Warzone Maps are now accessible from the Otha System in the Eta Eridani Sector Block and the Qay’ghun System in the Omega Leonis Sector Block.
  • A Neutral Faction Bar has opening in the Drozana System in the Klingon/Federation Neutral Zone. Players of both factions may now socialize together before they return to battle.
  • Players should now be correctly assigned to the proper PVP faction for all PVP ground assault maps.
  • The Borg Hunt Warzone maps now show the correct map names when interacting with them at higher levels (41+)
  • The Contact that shows up in the Borg Hunt Warzone map will now default to your Tactical Officer.
  • PVP Queue Information will now properly update after changing maps
  • Corrected the factions that are displayed in FvF PvP area control maps and added proper Red Fed Logos.
  • Changed the floating PVP capture point icons so they more clearly indicate whether they are in a "capturing" or "reverting" state.
  • Reduced bloom on floating PVP capture point icons to reduce a flickering effect that occurs when too much bloom in on screen.
  • Fixed an exploit in Space Assault PvP maps that allowed players to score undetected Fixed an issue where the timers wouldn’t reset for the losing team in Space iPvP maps
  • Corrected faction display errors in space PvP area control maps
  • Klingon players will no longer be trapped if they go directly from Qo'Nos to a PVP map after creating their character.
  • Fixed pvp daily mission Good Luck Charm so that it will only give credit once at the end of a pvp round or ipvp mission
  • Fixed iPvP ground open mission rewards to give out ground gear as loot rather than space gear

Missions and Locations
  • Special Task Force: The Cure is here! Federation and Klingon players level 45 who have completed STF "Infected" are now offered this follow up mission.
  • Fleet actions are now level banded to make scoring fairer and more challenging for all players. Players who enter a fleet action mission will be sent to an instance with players within a specific level range and enemies on the map will be scaled appropriately. Rewards are also now scaled based on the level band of the Fleet Action you are sent to. This change also makes many Fleet Actions playable for all levels of players, although Fleet Actions still have a minimum level requirement based on the initial mission that offers you the Fleet Action.
  • Fleet Action: The Big Dig – is a new Fleet Action available in Romulan Space
  • Fleet Action: DS9 Under Siege – is a new Fleet Action available to Federation officers at level 29
  • Klingon players may now compete in the Crystalline Entity Fleet Action in the Qutmut System in the Omega Leonis block.
  • Klingon players may now compete the Big Dig Fleet Action in the Tiqchirgh System in the Omega Leonis block.
  • Klingon Players may now compete in the Breaking the Planet Fleet Action in the Teroka System in the Omega Leonis block.
  • Fleet Action: Crystalline Entity – the Entity has been tuned a bit.
  • Fleet Action: Crystalline Entity - Moved the respawn points on the so players can get back into the action faster.
  • Fleet Action: Breaking the Planet – Changed timers on the generator bombs and added a prompt to RUN After setting a bomb.
  • Fleet Action: Breaking the Planet – Updated spawn locations of Klingons to take advantage of new map layout changes
  • DeepSpace: Fixed a bug where a Cardassian Captain would pop up in Borg space as a contact
  • DeepSpace: Moved some of the Fleet Commander spawns so that they don’t run over and own players who have just warped into the map.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from map transferring during the State of Q mission.
  • Departing Fleet Actions using the Depart System button on the minimap will now return players to the proper sector.
  • Most mission descriptions have been updated to include correct System, Sector, and Sector Block location information.
  • Admiral Quinn has stopped using players' nicknames in most instances.
  • Corrected errors in Federation ship database in Earth Spacedock.
  • Corrected text errors in Klingon Empire promotion ceremony.
  • Corrected errors, mission text, and dialog in the following missions: “Starbase 24”, “Treasure Trading Station”, , “Collateral Damage”, “Turret Killer”, “Dangerous Game”, “Secret Orders”, “Project Nightingale”, “Honor Bound”, “Minefield”, “The Other Side”, “Ghost Ship”, “Past Imperfect”, “The Ultimate Klingon”, “Tutorial”, “War Games”, “Task Force Hippocrates”, “PJem”, “Report to Gamma Orionis”, “Asset Recovery”, “Danteri system patrol”, “Chulan system patrol”, “Icari system patrol”, “Cernan system patrol”, “Aido”, “Elvin”, “Icari”, “Llaiir”, “K'Shan”, “Cero” and “Elwing system patrol”.
  • The Teneebia System is now spelled correctly in mission logs and on the system map.