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03-25-2010, 10:39 AM
Missions (Continued)
  • Klingon Empire promotion missions may now be obtained via remote contact if they are not accepted at the time they pop-up.
  • Klingon Empire promotion mission dialog now displays a proper contact
  • Klingon Empire Defense Missions now accept credit for completing higher level Defense Missions if you had leveled up during the progress of the initial Defense Mission.
  • Updated the name of Klingon ground equipment store from “Requisition Officers” to “Requisition Ground Equipment”
  • Fixed a typo in the Ganalda PVP ground equipment vendor contact dialog.
  • Fixed a typo in the mission that described to Klingon players how to get to the Ganalda station.
  • Fixed a minor issue with level 43 Klingon players who were unable to use the Transwarp Conduit to travel to Borg Space.
  • The Sky Demon (Comet) from the Saturday’s Child mission no longer drops random loot.
  • Klingon NPCs should now use a wider variety of costume options
  • Tons of new artifacts and interesting objects have been added to star cluster missions for your scanning and exploring pleasure.
  • Teammates are no longer sent to different instances of the same map when entering an unknown system in Star Clusters.
  • General B’Vat now wears appropriate attire depending on when/where he appears.
  • Updated Anomalous Reading location on Dera to raise it above ground
  • Repeatable Borg Deepspace missions now complete when the encounter sends the map complete announcement. Updated mission text to reflect this change.
  • Updated Commander Charles instructions for Cardassian patrol missions.
  • Fixed an issue where destructible object targeting reticules on ground maps would not show up until you were very close
  • Reman captains will now personally hail you instead of talking to you as their ship.
  • Fixed a missing piece of button text when warping out of the Azlesa Expanse back to Klingon Sector Space
  • Dropping a repeatable mission that has a cooldown timer now counts as completing the mission for purposes of determining the cooldown timer
  • Set General in Ganalda to level 45, as befitting his rank
  • Updated Borg Deep Space Encounter’s mission text to be consistent with other content of this type
  • Fixed an issue with Borg Deep Space Encounters space that prevented mission text from not clearing
  • Federation Tutorial missions can be shared now. This should stop characters from getting Tutorial missions in an uncompletable state. Federation Tutorial mission Line in the Sand is now always granted as a primary mission instead of sometimes showing up as a secondary mission
  • Fixed player credit issue in Ghost Ship that was causing some characters to have to replay some parts of the mission.
  • Fixed player credit issue in Collateral Damage that was causing some characters to have to replay some parts of the mission.
  • Qo'nos now has a console for spending all marks of exploration earned for completing end game exploration daily missions
  • Earth Spacedock ship database now shows correct number of device slots for science ships
  • Both Federation and Klingon ship databases were adjusted to show base turn rate in degrees per second.
  • Updated Mark VIII PvP Space Shields to cost Medal of Distinction
  • Fixed player credit issue in Ghost Ship that was causing some characters to have to replay some parts of the mission.
  • Fixed player credit issue in Collateral Damage that was causing some characters to have to replay some parts of the mission.
  • Players will now be warped to the next map on Trapped even if they are... well... trapped in debris.
  • Fixed Ganalda Space Equipment vendor so that they sell tier X equipment rather than tier X consoles
  • Added the IKS Klaarg to the Klingon sector map

STF Infected updates
  • Capt Ogden can no longer be Exposed/Exploited.
  • Plasma streams will now make certain areas of the last room in this mission extremely hazardous to stand in.
  • Loot has been changed for any ground or space encounter that spawns in waves, they will no longer drop loot, as they were being farmed.
  • Destroying the generator in the final stage of this mission will now cause plasma leaks in certain areas of the room. These plasma leaks are deadly, you will want to avoid them.
  • You can no longer use the pre-order rifle to destroy the shield generator in the final room.
  • Added hint text to Bridge Officer dialogs in Stop the Flow, to give players a small hint to something they might be missing.
  • Replaced Interior Node shields with ones that players can no longer get trapped in.
  • Changed the logic of the virus consoles, so that its much easier to know when you're able to upload the virus.
  • Replaced the virus consoles with ones that will no longer have a mind of their own and do crazy things.
  • Guard Drones in the final room no longer drop loot, no reason to farm them any longer.
  • Made the boss’s fly power to be uninterruptable
  • Special Task Force critters will now drop uncommon loot at an increased rate and no longer drop common trash items.
  • Trash mobs in the beginning of the Special Task Force: Infected ground map have been reduced in count.
  • Fixed an issue with the respawn rate of Guard Drones in the last room of Special Task Force: Infected.
  • Fixed an exploit in Special Task Force: Infected that allowed players to bypass content in the first map
  • Transwarp Gateway Shield will no longer trap ships.