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03-25-2010, 09:42 AM
Powers and Skills (Continued)
  • Torpedo Spread description is now more accurate.
  • Updated Space Phaser proc tooltip which was incorrectly reporting a 5% chance when the chance was actually 2.5%
  • Added captain career requirement to description of skill training unlocks.
  • Corrected text errors that misreported the wrong version of a skill training unlock.
  • Corrected old name references for Scramble Sensors.
  • Corrected old name references for Hypospray - Dylovene
  • Fixed an error in the Description of the "Efficient Captain" trait. The trait stated "Multiple applications of the same rank of efficient do not stack." This is untrue, and the description is now updated. "Efficient Captain" and the Bridge Officer "Efficient" trait all stack together. This is only an error in the description, not the trait(s).
  • Fixed the display name on some Tricobalt device items.
  • Fixed ship turret guns so the tooltips say it has a 360 degree fire arc, and selecting the weapon will show a 360 degree fire arc around the ship. No change to any turret weapons themselves - just the display info.
  • Updated tooltips for Starship Attack Vectors Starship Combat Maneuvers, and Starship Battle Strategy skills to more accurately explain the bonuses they grant. Skills were not changed, only the tooltips were modified.

Costumes and customization
  • New alien customization options are available!
  • New hairstyles are available!
  • Added new stances, Stern and Relaxed to the costume tailor
  • Added a Starfleet Off-Duty costume slot which will be granted to your Federation Captain the next time you go to the tailor. There are no restrictions to where you can wear your Off-Duty outfits so go forth and be relaxed!
  • Added more NPC costumes for the “Distress Call” mission.
  • Costumes will no longer randomly change to the captain’s profession colors.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed pips to be selected regardless of Rank restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented all spot textures from being available in Female Alien species creation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented colors from being independently selectable on player and Boff Uniforms
  • Old saves made from the Tailor window should now load properly
  • Updating the background of the Tailoring screen to be a bit brighter with better lighting for your character.
  • Updated Art for Borg Implants and attachments
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to always get the same gender bridge officer for a given species or career combination.
  • Fixed an issue where fleet uniforms would not be unlocked even when someone was in a fleet.
  • Fixed skinning issues with female skirts

Ships and Customizations
  • The K'Tanco class Battle Cruiser in now available for Klingons starting at Lt Commander rank.
  • The specifications of the K'Tanco Battle Cruiser have been added to the Klingon Empire ship database on Qo'noS.
  • New bridges and bridge variants for Klingon faction players.
  • Bird of Prey configuration 1 may now be customized at a ship customization contact on Qo’Nos.
  • Raptor configuration 4 may now be customized at a ship customization contact on Qo’Nos.
  • Galaxy Class model now more accurately reflects the TNG canon ship.
  • Luna Class has been updated to more accurately reflect Star Trek canon.
  • Separated Galaxy battle bridge variant now fires weapons from correct node locations.
  • Windows, escape pods, and hangar doors should now be properly displayed if using a video card with shader model 2.0.
  • Ships used by many unknown species now uses blue detailing instead of yellow
  • Updated some mission specific Klingon ship names
  • Updated Fleet Logo lighting on several ships
  • The impulse glow and trails for the Klingon Carrier are now yellow instead of red
  • Updated the costume for Raider 5
  • Fixed text error that caused all Birds of Prey to display as “Brel” in the ship selector.
  • Minor texture improvements to the Romulan Warbird
  • Fixed the upside down and oversized fleet logo on one of the Sovereign variants
  • Attempting to rename the Danube Class runabout will no longer fail with the error: “Not your active ship”
  • Earth Spacedock ship database now shows correct number of device slots for science ships; both Federation and Klingon ship databases adjusted to show base turn rate in degrees per second
  • New borg cube costumes created for Sector Space
  • U.S.S. Nova - lower impulse engine replaced with shuttle bay to better match cannon.
  • Fixed an issue with U.S.S. Sovereign and U.S.S. Discovery engine trails not showing
  • Fixed torpedoes launching down on the U.S.S. Noble
  • Smoothed out the U.S.S. Sovereign and U.S.S. Majestic saucers
  • Fixed holes at impulse engines in U.S.S. voyager science 1 ships no longer fire cannons out of nacelles fixed the graphical issue with the top rear of U.S.S. Majestic
  • Fixed Ship tailor camera distances to prevent zooming into ship issues
  • Fixed geometry clipping issues for Tier 1 Federation Escorts
  • Added registry IDs to sovereign class nacelles. Added captain's yacht to all sovereign class variants
  • Added a central impulse engine trail to Galaxy class cruisers.
  • Improved the Blinking lights on Tier 5 Science Ships
  • Fixed an issue where new ships were unable to be claimed and would appear in the user’s inventory

  • Players now have access to more emotes!
  • Fixed some minor visual errors with beam out animations.
  • Fixed some animation issues with redshirts.
  • Added female captain's chair sit for females wearing skirts
  • Addressed an issue with weapon swapping to prevent animation issues from occurring if users spam the keys.
  • Ship Tailor in Qo'noS no longer pops between incompatible animations.
  • Updated miscellaneous kit powers animation issues to work better with the Run and Gun system

  • Lens flare FX have been turned on
  • Weapons no longer cast inappropriate shadows
  • The Tricorder FX should now show up properly on the following powers: Create Turret, Medical Generator, Mine Barrier, Seeker Drone, Shield Generator, and Support Drone
  • Borg bosses should now use Borg transporter FX to escape instead of Federation transporter FX.
  • Added some FX which will play after consuming specific food items
  • Adjusted the size of the photon and plasma grenade explosions to match AoE sizes better
  • Photonic Fleet: Photonic Fleet now has a special ‘dissolve’ FX when the ship expires after battle. If a photonic ship is destroyed in battle, it still uses the normal death animation without the warp core explosion
  • Fixed the dark energy FX on the Iconian Dreadnaught
  • Reduced the brightness on the Smoke Grenade
  • Borg spheres now rotate slower when they are about to explode.
  • Properly scaled shuttle craft impulse trails and added warp trails
  • Added blinking lights to Fleet Escorts
  • Fixed a technical issue with gear and beam out animations
  • Fixed an issue that caused some explosions to not play
  • Minor visual updates to stealth powers
  • Crystaline Entity FX beam fixed so that it will not drop out on minimum quality setting.
  • Increased size of Large Object Transport FX.
  • Wormhole FX updated to appropriately display appropriately from all angles and to be more IP accurate
  • Fixed VFX issues that caused various explosions to not play correctly everytime
  • Resized and added more fire to torches in Romulan Temple
  • Removed the vomit VFX that Gorn could inflict
  • Klingon Security Escort should no longer use a Federation beam out fx.