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03-25-2010, 09:46 AM
UI and Controls (Continued)
  • Art updates to the inventory shell UI elements
  • Added new PVP status icons for the Queue window.
  • The media control window will now remember its position even after it disappears.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fleet bank permission check boxes were not working properly.
  • Removed unneccesary resist percentages from starship lists
  • Fixed an issue where players do not receive a return message when a ship rename takes place.
  • Fixed an issue where Save/Load appears twice in the ship tailor.
  • Added an option to the PowerList window that allows a player to lock the tray - which means that tray elements will not be allowed to move into or out of the tray. The tray mode and tray row can still be modified.
  • Disabled ship shield UI while in sector space.
  • Fixed a UI error if map transfer occurred while the tailor is open.
  • Add a region selector to the HUD Options window.
  • Fixed lighting issues in contact headshots
  • Map scrolling should now be smoother and will not recenter until the player moves
  • Fixed a bug related to closing and reopening the guild bank while on the credits tab
  • Fixed the item list in the context menu of the trade UI. Clicking on an item should now populate the list as expected
  • Made improvements to the bug reporting system upon using “/stuck”
  • Improvements to the Need or Greed Loot UI
  • Players can no longer use Need or Greed timers to force teammates to pass on items.
  • Repeatable missions now display a cooldown timer in the contact dialogue. The cooldown timer represents when you can accept the mission again.
  • Added power levels preset options to the keybind list
  • Fixed an issue where the /who menu would no longer report character information: Names, Rank, LFT status, location, fleet or status.
  • Added French and German Translations for Special Task Force – The Cure.
  • Miscellaneous French and German Translations in Mission text and the UI

-End Release Notes-

Looking for something not on this list? Check the Engineering Reports to see if it is still in Testing or Development.