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03-25-2010, 09:49 AM
Well as a long time KDF BG5, I like many will try hop into the new content today and look to see if there is anything new to enjoy.

I am trying to remain positive but its pretty dim looking at the lack of substantive changes to make things better for us. I am not going to rehash all the issues that I as well as others have stated are killer needs for the KDF to thrive. All I can say is that the Cryptic developers don't hang out with the KDF at all and pretty much don't care if this faction lives or dies. Maybe this was always the intent, to have the KDF sparsely manned PC / NPC race. By keeping the value to being KDF down they can focus their limited resources on the Fed side.

For the Fed fanbois that think I'm a whining carrier pilot I'm not. For those who PvP I'm certain you've seen my Negvar and BoP. I just see Federation Online (oh I mean Star Trek Online) going the same way and making the same mistakes as Jedi Online (oh I mean Star Wars Galaxies).

For those on the Fed side that think many KDF players are over reacting I invite you to make a KDF character and try it out. You'll notice many things lacking.

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