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03-25-2010, 10:56 AM
Torpedoes use warp sustainers for propulsion/maneuvering and for warp travel when needed. Its stated that they release plasma exhaust at launch. Warp coils utilize warp plasma to construct the warp field. The tube has warp coils to hand off to the warp sustainer.

It might be possible that torpedoes house warp plasma which generaste thier warp filed through iteraction with the warp sustainer engine previously energized or inititated by the handoff coils in the tube.

If this is the case, the torpedo may be glowing like, and for the same reason as, the warp nacelles on the ships themselves.

Now this might imply that torpedoes should exhibit the same "glow" as the firing ship's warp nacelles...unless they utilize a different type of plasma in the torps. One might find it worthwhile to inject the plasma into the torpedo from the EPS just prior to launch, than to store it...though we know they can and do store plasma in Trek.

The color can also be an indication of the energy level of the warp plasma in the torp(not necessairly the explosive yield). It might not be a coincedence that Q-torps fly faster(is that canon?) if it turns out the warp plasms more highly energized, therefor possibly providing a stronger propulsion through the warp sustainer engine.

For instance, did the torp change color toward the higher energy spectrum when they increase the yield of a torp in canon?