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03-25-2010, 12:03 PM
You're joking right?

-They just opened up FvF PVP so you can go kill other Feds (read: shorter queues to the same rewards).
-They added a new PVP map, Shanty Town and two new Fleet Actions (The Big Dig and DS9 Under Siege)
-They just level banded all of the Fleet Actions, so now you can go do those as level appropriate.

Cryptic has said it before and confirmed it again and again. Casual players have the rest of the game tailored to them, STF missions (6 or 7 in total are coming "soon") are NOT meant for casual players. In terms of hardness Infected is a 1/10, Cure is a 2/10; they're going to get a LOT harder. If Infected is "too hard" for you, don't play it because they've emphatically stated the difficultly level is actually set to easy mode right now. If you can't do easy, then personally I don't feel you understand what "end game" content means.

p.s. "Super Mario Brothers" ... unlike WoW? You uhh never raided in WoW right? Almost every "serious" boss encounter I can think of in WoW involved some form of "run here, do this, now run over there" type of scripted encounter.