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03-25-2010, 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by ArievDhien
A majority of Liberated Borg and Klingon RAs is canon? Must have missed that show.

I see no reason why species shouldn't fly their own ships. Many have warp much longer than the humans, so their ships can't be all that bad after such a long time to build them. Why would Starfleet not use them?

Ships should be restricted to species/faction they belong to, so totally no Bird of Prey for Fed klingons. But other than that? Why not?

Waiter? I take... a Talon for my Lethean, a Marauder for my Ferengi and a Vulcan Science vessel for my Betazoid. And a big cola.
That is a poor excuse to break canon, 30 years of kicking the borg's ass up and down the quadrant is more then enough to back the amount of Liberated borg in game.

You need to remember you are not just playing a member of a species, you are playing a member of a species that has enlisted in starfleet. and starfleet only issues their captains with starfleet vessels.