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03-25-2010, 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by Dr.Mox
Xom's new chew toy has still not arrived!
Sounds like this Borg Tribble is rolling out to folks in some strange archaic process... hang a mo sounds Cryptic to me! ^^ :p
Hopefully, by the time you log back in you'll have it. Mine just appeared in my C-Store without waring

Originally Posted by Admiral-Darren-Wright View Post
Whats everyones thoughts on the new patch peeps ?
TBH, there's not a massive amount of content (although I wasn't expecting it). This patch seems to have been about the little things, like the new transporter effects, which looks great (although it does glitch slightly).

However, my Luna class looks prettier, with colour co-ordinated escape pods, the bridge properly in the middle, actual phaser strips and it finally has shuttle bay doors.

The off-duty clothes are nice, but they seem to have broken the fleet uniform option. And for some reason my Captain now has more hair in her fringe - Ponytail 3 option (I think).

I haven't tried a re-spec yet, I want to get it right before I risk wasting my freebie.

Overall, I think they've improved the game, if only in small ways. But, as they say, the Devil is in the details

*Edit* I totally forgot about what could be the best thing in this patch, the automatic holstering of weapons when not in combat. No longer do I or my BOffs beam into places tooled up and looking ready to shoot the place up.