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03-25-2010, 04:37 PM
Well, I like to loop around a mark and hit'em from the rear, with rapid fire III and High Yield II, for a quick intense burst of deadly dps! I run DH Disruptor Cannons and Quantum Torps on the front and Tachyon Turrets on the rear. Usually my combination of turrets and cannons neutralize a targets shields very fast, enough so that my quantum torps slide in for a devestaing impact. I used to blow up things pretty fast...

But now with the new patch - rapid fire is not effective at all - the first few shots massively drain my energy, to the point that the cannon/turret/rapid fire combo, does hardly no damage at all. I've found that if I do not use rapid fire, there's enough of a delay between shots for my energy levels to recharge slightly - thereby doing lots of damage - but it just takes longer than before, and is not as effective.

However, one thing I have noticed is that the critical severity bonus's are MUCH IMPROVED!

I run with all green gear, and blue gear quantum torps - and before the patch, I wasn't getting much for my bucks with the critical hits, but now my torps do masive damage. I do like that, but hate the fact that rapid fire is rendered useless, if you're packin multiple DHC's and Turrets.