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03-25-2010, 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by greymond
So where did you offer a different strategy in your post?

Each group I've done it with seems to have one dedicated node you recommend everyone just target the nodes first then deal with the borg zerg? I've been in a group that tried that but the borg always seemed to over run us by the time the second node was down.
1. Pull the patrols well away from the noded groups first (without aggroing the drones connected to the node) as they are not connected and kill them first.

2. All stay at 30ish meters from the node and fire on the closest node ONLY (in the first room) to kill it then fall back without pulling the second node group, Use force field from the engineers bunker kit to stop being overun and kill the pulled drones.

3. Kill the second node in the room and then its drones.

4. Repeat these steps for the other rooms/corridors.

You do not need to all charge into a room and aggro both groups to target and hit the closest node, most of your weapons have a 30m range so use it and after pulling the patrols kill one node fall back and kill the drones connected to it, then kill the second node and the drones connected to that. Infact a sniper rifle for the nodes is very useful as split beams can annoy groups connected to other nodes in the room.

If you use corners and doorways to reduce incoming fire it will give your healer and cost you less hypos, after all the only drone you need to see is the one you are shooting at so standing in the open getting hammered by 8 of em is kinda daft. Plus you are only a step or two from full cover and safety so you can heal or recharge your shields safely without taking fire.