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03-25-2010, 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by SpaceFork
That is a poor excuse to break canon, 30 years of kicking the borg's ass up and down the quadrant is more then enough to back the amount of Liberated borg in game.

You need to remember you are not just playing a member of a species, you are playing a member of a species that has enlisted in starfleet. and starfleet only issues their captains with starfleet vessels.
No, I don't. I play a Ferengi with dual citizenship. Ferenginar is not a member world. The Federation just allows non-member species to sign up for Starfleet now, hence the option to create an alien character.

And in a time of war, it seems there are more Klingons in the Federation than ever. Or in the KDF, for that matter. That's just as canon (or not) as the Federation allowing others to fly their own ships. Even more the Klingons, they basically conquered others and now happily hand out BoPs to everyone. It would be more likely they don't really trust the others and don't give everyone an example of their technology and weapons in particular as a welcome gift.

Oh, and for canon-breaking... After 30 years of kicking the borg around, how likely is it that ALL liberated drones were humans before? Is it canon that really no other species would a) be assimilated or b) try to rescue assimilated members of their kind? That point doesn't hold. Not at all.