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03-25-2010, 10:17 PM
Okay, lets see here...

Number one, Rapid Fire 1 and 2 were doing the same damage as Rapid Fire 3. This has been addressed (as it should be).

Number two, it seems that this power was intended for bursts of high damage, not for sustained high damage. Causing your weapons to fire more often, draining your power faster, should make this kind of obvious.

Since dual cannons (all cannons, actually) all fire at once (instead of chain fire) this may be a large contributing factor to you having your energy drain faster. Also, this once again speaks to a burst damage build, rather than a sustained damage build.

I suggest you try a higher rank of Rapid Fire. If you are, instead, using Rapid Fire and expecting high sustained damage, I suggest you adjust your tactics to suit a burst fire concept.

I also highly recommend you and others use Tribble server as a test bed for builds, so you can narrow down what you want to do on live.