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# 1 PvE is meh
03-25-2010, 10:21 PM
I did a PvE mission today to get a quest reward that looked good (normally I only play PvP). I was impressed that the Romulan military ground security system consists of small groups of people standing together within line of sight of other groups that refuse to help them.

You'd think maybe they'd have an alarm system or something. Or like, comm badges. Or just the ability to shout, "HEY, SOME FEDS ARE TRYING TO KILL US OVER HERE. A LITTLE HELP?"

Really lame, uninspired PvE in this game. The stories are actually interesting but the actual implementation is just plain dumb. As an actual TV episode it would be a combination of horrific and silly, as the brave Federation totally massacres these people who are clearly only barely capable of resisting and to make it worse, all the Romulans have 20/800 vision, are nearly deaf and have random kitchen implements stuck in their shirts instead of the com-links, never realizing that all this time they've been talking into a fork.

Also, I felt kind of bad about killing a Romulan who got rezzed by a medic, then he died again, then got rezzed again, then died again, then got rezzed again, then died again and finally poofed as I kept stunning and knocking the medic down. The medic seemed really intent on saving him. Like, it's not enough that I killed this poor Romulan soldier who was just doing his job. I killed him like 5 times. And then I killed the medic. Well, at least she won't have to mourn the loss of her beloved guard-mate or anything...