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I had posted this in the gameplay section which was obviously wrong, this is the correct place I think.

I was fighting a cube last night and a few secs into the fight my whole screen had a wavy effect (like red alert). This effect was I guess supposed to notify me something had happened, god knows what as no icons were showing.

I spoke to Cryptic_Falkoni (sp?) on the IRC who helped identify it as an intended change this patch (didnt see it in notes)

Can there be a way to disable it, not only is it too much and covering so much of the screen the distraction is nuts but the waving is actually giving me pretty nasty headaches (wondering if I have another problem but still )

If the is a / command to get shot of it I would be really happy, if it cant be disabled I will need to leave borg cubes at least alone, although the chap on IRC meantioned it might be other ships too which causes me great concern for being able to play.

I notice noone else has mentioned it, so either its not been seen or its just not bothing others (which I have to admit would suprise me)

Thanks for your time.