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03-26-2010, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by bryanmeerkat View Post
klinks still have house battles so I am sure if you want pvp it will still be there for you , and seeing as you where waiting on 100 to 1 qs as a fed before i am sure some of those guys will still want to come and gank the 2nurfed" klinks
At admiral level there is no one in the KvK maps at all. (at least not when I was online last night). Unless we acted as a group and all queued for KvK it just isn't an option for us.

The reason why you're doing poorly, OP, is because the majority of fed players who QQ about fighting Klingons are the same ones who just aren't as good. They have all moved to FvF. Now the feds left in the FvK queues are the ones who have already taken up the challenge to learn to PvP properly. In other words the overall quality of Fed players in the FvK queues has increased.

This is a good thing