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03-26-2010, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by jfkgoodlos
Well from my expierence last night minus the bugs (ie broken maps). I thought the changes were quite benificial. Maybe it is me, however with the power changes and slight boost of hull and shields for the BoP I noticed my survivablity was enjoyably increased. I can hear alot of whining coming because of it. Maybe I also lucked up and got on a really good PUG, but of the several Cracked Planetoid's I was in, it was a slaughter.

Our ancestors rejoyiced last evening. Cheering as the flow of blood made its way to the very steps of Sto'vakor themselves.
Sadly you are right. I only que'd up for cracked and the feds were playing like ass with the exception of one good pug I was in that won a shutout. Having said that I didn't see anything to out of line damage wise with any of the ships except for the sci skills which are still stupid.

When will people realize that zipping around the map solo as a fed is a death