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03-26-2010, 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by claydermunch View Post
i'm sick of people complaining about escort related stuff.

Escorts are now the undisputed kings of damage.

Just stop using rear turrets and your power will never suffer.

3-4 forward heavy cannons make any other weapon near obsolete.
Heck, even WITH Turrets, things are just fine. I just made RA 1, set up 3 rear turrets, 3 forward DHCs, 1 forward Quant. I use Two EPS and 1 +6 weapon power in my (rather ugly, but it's part of it's charm!) escort. I just have all 6 main weapons set to autofire, chain Rapid Fire 2's. My power doesn't seem to dip below 75 EVER, as the longer cycle between DHC shots lets it recover. I'd replace the torp with a 4th DHC, but I don't think there's in-game autofire aside from the glitch yet.

If I EVER think I need more power, there's things like Emergency Power to Weps, or I could use the Engineer EPS skills. HEck, even Nadion Inversion would work now. So really, I'm not having problems adjusting to the new system.