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Originally Posted by Ravenstein View Post
There is a grappling book? That is too far.

Way I found it to work in 3.5 was:
1. announce grapple
2. thing about to being grappled gets an attack of oppurtunity unless:
a. Has already used attack of oppurtunity(s) for the round
b. Initiator has Improved Grapple
3. Resolve Attack of Oppurtunity
4. Initiator makes a melee touch attack against the thing he is grappling
5. If touch attack is successful, roll opposing grapple checks. Initiator uses his strength while the defender can use strength, dexterity, or escape artist
6. If initiator wins, the defender has been grappled and restrained and has a limited choice of options. Otherwise nothing else happens.
Aside: Defender can make successive Strength, Dexterity, or Escape Artist checks to escape on their next turns
7. A second opposed grapple check (a pin check) can be made to pin an opponent, further restricting the opponent and possibly dealing subdual damage.
That IS much simpler than the rules I've seen. See, that's doable.

I admit, though, last time I played D&D, we were playing 2nd edition...

They had modifiers based on strength, dexterity, attacks-per-round, to-hit, as well as running speed at the time of attack, and certain ******* DMs would even insist on weather and ground surface modifiers, e.g. it was easier to grapple when standing on grass or turf than on stone, etc.

It got to the point where a single grapple took about ten minutes to resolve.

Apparently they simplified the process.