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I was travelling through Serius Sector the other day and something realliy urked me. Leaving Earth spacedock, I set a course for the Transwarp to Gamma Orionis. I left the bridge (my computer room) to go feed my dogs... the poor, famished beasts... and when I came back, I'm stuck less than halfway to my destination because some damned emergency broadcast somehow stopped my warp engines. This is just way annoying.

Why can some random subspace communication stop me from going to where I'm going? Is there any way you guys can make a notification pop up during warp that allows us to choose wether we want to accept the communication or not? I dont always sit at my bridge (my computer) during subspace travel, and don't think I should have to. Please consider putting in an option to choose wether or not we recieve emergency broadcasts that stop subspace travel midcourse.