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03-26-2010, 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by whitefox74654 View Post
Capulet, you have given a specific example without being terribly insulting. The people that do net reviews are not professional writers and the comparison is a bit unfair to those that take their free time to write articles. The authors that write those stories in Game Informer have been perfecting their writing for years.

No need for a flame war to start. I am the original author and I wrote it with the intention of being readable by children and adults alike. Children don't understand all the big words that could go into a well written article. The reader may not be highly educated so the simple structure works best. An assumption was also made about the target audience and the level the article was written. I wanted it easy to read. (See Spot Run.)

For my first attempt at writing a review itís not bad, but I can agree itís not great. I would have preferred more time to research all of the material to cover but I had to pick and choose my talking points. Maybe the next time I can do a bit better at being able to write a review but that is not for anyone to decide except the OPG staff.

If you don't like the way I write then when you see my name on a review or article just don't read it and you won't bother me in the least. If the news is posted on STO forums I would rather have a constructive opinion than a flat out insult.

I have said my peace and thats all I am worried about.
Well if it was your first article then I can commend you on having the bravery to put your opinion out there for public scrutiny. I would also like to add some thick skin should be in no short supply as everybody on the internet has an opinion.

Again if it was your first article take what is said about it with a grain of salt and strive to do your best each time. You will improve over time.