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03-26-2010, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by avalonpilar View Post
Post patch, some strategies are no longer feasible due to plasma. Just was in a grp for about 90 minutes with 4 attempts on the queen each ending in a wipe long before seeing her health drop below 90%. Is the trick to get everyone in melee range and hope to god your tough enough to survive the blue circle debuff of doom?
There is no "queen" in this episode.

As long as you have the person with the "blue circle debuff" move away from everyone else, it's pretty easy. It's a DPS encounter; if you have good DPS it's actually very easy. If you have poor DPS, or you spend too much time fiddling with devices and doing cardio jumps, then you will struggle.

If everyone has good gear, you can actually heal through the AoE with hypos, and just straight DPS her down pretty quickly.